We awoke in a snow globe and stayed in it most of the day. When CW plowed, I bundled up EM and headed out with MP. Four is awesome in that she can dress herself.

EM wasn’t keen on the snow but did enjoy watching Daddy plow. Whenever I had him turned opposite of the tractor, he turned and contorted his body to try and see it.

CW has plowed twice now and we are well over 12 inches. Predictions keep upping how high our quantity may go, so our snow mountain will only grow, ensuring to become an awesome memory in MP’s memory bank.


My boy

My boy, EM, was born December 27, 2012, entering the world at 3:52 am, weighing 7 lbs, 6 oz and measuring 20 inches in length. He instantly stole my heart and the love I felt for him was and continues to be fierce and deep. Loving a male child is different than loving my female child. Equally wonderful and deep, but different.

Throughout my pregnancy, I felt like the child inside was mellow, easy going. That part, I think I got right. He is fairly mellow. He’s a lot more friendly to strangers than MP was at his age, although he still wants his momma as he spreads his sunshine smiles to those around us. And, although he is easy going, you must watch his body language and facial expressions to get a true read on the state of his heart and mind when he squawks. He will make the exact same sound in two different moments and if you aren’t watching him, you will miss that one is a sound for joy and the other is a sound of sadness or anger.

His sleep hasn’t been the best and this sucks. MP was a magic unicorn baby I guess. Even at 12 months he still wakes 1-2 times a night. I keep reminding myself he won’t be doing this forever, although some nights I wonder.

He loves life and has the best deep belly laugh. He wrinkles his brow and nose in a way that just shouts excitement, anticipation, and mischief. He’s a watcher before a doer, making sure he can do it before he does it. Some of the things he does and the speed at which he understands things amaze me. He’s just awesome.

Pretty much the only things he dislikes are diapers being put back on and bubble baths. Man, does he hate bubble baths.


Previously on Somewhat Aloof

So, when we left off, I was like this-


I would have bet money that I was having another girl and I am not a betting person. Yet I was positive, POSITIVE, it was the sister MP was pining  in my belly.

I made my personal goal of not having the baby on Christmas, therefore potentially ruining the first Christmas MP would likely remember. I mean, the poor infant was already screwed being born so close to a major, gift giving holiday. I didn’t want to saddle sha-he with the guilt from older sister for years to come.  Plus, as unlikely as I thought it would be, what if it came out as a boy AND on Christmas? Someone might have said to MP “Aren’t you glad Santa brought you a brother?” Well, holy hell. We’re talking major therapist material right there.


“I willy want a sistah, but I be okay with a bra-ther. But I willy want a sistah.”

Luckily, Round 2 waited until the day after Christmas to begin the exodus from me and  was born in the wee small hours of the morning of 27th.540917_10200287362451300_988437825_n

As the babe was pulled from my body and lifted to my chest, I caught sight of some extra material in the nether regions. A scrotum to be exact.

Definitely not a girl.


Oh boy.




This pretty much sums up my attitude towards my job at the moment.

I have decided that timing of Babe v.2.0 is a perfect example of divine intervention. Months ahead of when I was planning, God knew I would need a get out of jail early card this year.


wipes away cobwebs

So, long time.

First off, child did eventually sleep. That was our worst sleep time ever, maybe even worse than in the beginning, because at least then she did sleep over the course of the day. I have decided that my overachiever hit her 2 year old sleep regression early.


MP is a glorious, wonderous three year old. Ninety nine percent of the time, she is pure joy and awesomeness. The best part, she is SUCH a good soul, beautiful both inside and out.

I came here tonight and started poking around through my pregnancy posts from MP. All the warm fuzzies of that time came back and I decided I need to get back to blogging. Not only is it a lovely record, a mental release, I have a new pregnancy I need to record memories down for.

ImageDespite her face, MP is super excited for her baby to come. She is looking forward to sleepovers with the little one and already creating  a long list of what she will be able to do once she becomes a big sister.


Dearest MP,

Let me begin by saying you are an absolute delight. Every day, you ooze all sorts of nesses- thoughtfulness, cuteness, kindness, helpfulness, and more. Your father and I are amazed at the things you can do, so much so, that we often wonder how another child could ever live up to the path you are paving. You are a delight.

That said, we need to talk about your recent sleep patterns. I realized it was a perfect storm of sleep mucking between time change, molars, and other things, but it has been nearly two weeks now. We need to get back in your glorious sleep groove.

Now, you may say “Moooooommmmmmyyyy. I not tired!” Trust me child, you are. The two hours you are losing out on is making a difference. How can I tell? Let me count the ways.

  1. You are clumsier. You have had more bumps, scrapes, and boo boos than normal.
  2. Since you are sleep deprived, instead brushing them off as you normally would, they results in screeches of despair that last a small chunk of time.
  3. You are stuck to me like glue. You are a growing girl and, since my shoulder has been achy, holding you for extended periods is uncomfortable. (I know, get out the Ergo.)
  4. You have become a nursing monster. Now, you always nurse more frequently around my period b/c I assume there is a dip in supply. Since that’s over, I am thinking that perhaps all the nursing is for comfort, probably b/c of molar pain. Normally, I’m all about you leading in our nursing relationship, but back to the 6-9 times a day nursing is really beginning to wear me out. It’s making me question my ability to continue on to two or letting you decide the end point. At this rate, I will be the one deciding sooner rather than later.
  5. You’re more defiant than normal, clearly knowing you aren’t supposed to do something. For example, you’re drawing on things other than paper has markedly increased after a good period of decline. Today, you drew all over the window sill, all around your paper sheet, with pencil. As soon as I came in the room, you announce, “Nooooooo. pencil paper.” Another example, pounding silverware or other things on highchair/table even after being asked to stop. Some would say that the terrible twos are here or you are asserting your independence and that may be true. However, I feel in my bones this is exacerbated by lack of sleep.
  6. You’re declaring you have to pee but don’t head to where you need to go and do what you gotta do. Today, you had your first accident in weeks. You announced you had to pee, and, knowing you were in easy pants and commando, I told you to head to the potty while I finished up. You stayed where you were and repeated yourself. Then, you waddled the walk of someone with wet pants.

In case I have yet to convince you, let me present you with some pictures from today. You had 10 hours of sleep and no nap (you normally get 12.5/13 hours total).




You only lie on the floor and have your thumb in your mouth like this when you are tired or want to go to sleep.

Like I said in the beginning, you are pure delight. However, you are even more delightful when you are well-rested. So, instead of babbling through your naps, try lying down, closing your eyes, and falling asleep. You don’t need to sleep as long as you have been, but this drastic cut is not cutting it.

Love, Mommy

PS- Also, the freak out over Daddy, who is only trying to help your beleaguered mother out, trying to put you to bed needs to stop. The man loves you and isn’t a fool. He is capable diapering, cuddling, rocking and other general get you to bed activities. Let.him. You may find out you prefer him doing it. Wouldn’t that be grand?

Long ago, in a far away memory, when my baby was an infant

Those of you who know me won’t be surprised when I say I like to plan, know what’s coming, and the unknown is a bit unsettling. I like to know what’s going to and how it could happen. Most times I’m perfectly fine when things don’t go according to plan. It not that I want things to go precisely my way; I just take comfort in knowing I have a road guide.

With that said, I actually started thinking about MP’s potty training weeks after she was born. When she was between two and three months old, I came across something somewhere and was introduced to Elimination Communication (EC). Initially, I thought it was a crazy concept and way too out there for my somewhat crunchy leanings. However, I was fascinated by the idea. I borrowed books from the library and began lurking on some message boards where EC was discussed. Soon, it didn’t seem so out there and sort of made sense.

One day, I realized I frequently knew exactly when MP was going to have a bowel movement. It seemed silly to sit and wait for her to poop in her diaper and then clean up the mess. So soon, a potty chair found its way into our house.When MP gave her undeniable signals, I decided to see if I could make a ‘catch.’ If I was successful, clean up would likely be easier if I was able to have her go over a potty. If I wasn’t, no big deal.

It’s hard to describe what I felt when I was successful in identifying MP’s elimination needs. Most adjectives seem strange inappropriate in a way of too much parental involvement to use. Let’s just say that when I  noticed and understood her cues, I felt an incredible rush and felt I was beginning to understand this little being.

So, starting at four months, I began regularly catching  MP’s bowel movements. I only practiced at home and some days were better then others. I made sure that if I ever began to feel upset or stress over EC, an automatic break was instituted. I never was able to consistently catch pees, but bowel movements were caught about 50% of the time. Once MP started solids, her bowel patterns went haywire but I still had some modest success and saved a few diapers from having to be rinsed off.

When MP became mobile, EC took a backseat; a potty pause if you will. I just wasn’t committed to the energy necessary or willing to fight the occasional battle over sitting on the potty. She didn’t seem interested and I wasn’t going to push it. For goodness sakes, she was less than a year old!

Many will tell you EC is nothing more than parent training, and that may be the true. But, practicing EC allowed me to become more attuned to the various way my daughter communicated with me at that time. Plus, I also believe it also laid the foundation for the potty training that was to come.

Next up: Baby, Talk Potty to Me

My Potty Training Philosophy

Remember way back in January when I mention there  was something I wand to blog about but was apprehensive to do so? Well, I’m finally getting around to it because I promised my dear friend, existere, I would as her daughter is exhibiting the same signs MP was when she was that age. Instead of clogging up her comments with my tale, I told her I’d actually use my own blog to share our experience.

Use my blog? What a novel idea!

So, here what I wanted to share-

MP is fully potty trained at home and has been for almost 3 months now.

Sure, she has an accident every now and then, like today when she was too busy sobbing at the injustice of being unable to play in my make up drawer and forgets to listen to her body. But, hey, she’s 21 months old. I’m not going to complain.

Why would I be apprehensive to share this? Well, for one, I have a slight superstition that by sharing, our success will be jinxed and everything will fall apart in a blaze of glory. Kinda like how every time I told someone I was pregnant something would happen and I would lose the baby. How’s that for optimistic?

Secondly, people get weird about potty training/learning in this country. Although they scoff and complain about how there are three and four years olds who are still in diapers, there are just as many people who are equally as shocked if I were to tell them my daughter has been trained since she was 19 months. I must be destined to be a pushy stage mom.

Uh, yeah. No.

To begin, I would like share some of the basics of my potty training philosophy, based solely on my readings and experience. Please note, these are my opinions, if yours differ, that’s A-OK, kapeesh?

  1. I define trained as knowing when you have to go far enough in advance to make it to the potty.
  2. The foundation of potty training begins long before the actual getting the kid to pee/poop on the potty and even before they show interest.
  3. Cloth diapers, specifically prefolds, really help speed up child’s awareness of what is happening and when it occurs.
  4. Talk, talk, talk about everything potty related. Read books (both to research the how tos and books for kids). Allow the child to be a guest while you use the bathroom. The fewer the boundaries in the bathroom, the quicker the kid figures out what is supposed to happen.
  5. Celebrate successes with high fives, fist bumps, cheers, hugs, and kisses. at this age, your joy is big motivation for the kid.
  6. A child can be potty aware long before they are capable of handling all the logistics of going to the bathroom on their own.
  7. Never force a child to sit on the potty (I only breeched this philosophy twice. I’ll explain later).
  8. Do what works for you and your family. Don’t stress over it. If you are stressed, step back a few steps on your journey. The kid won’t be in diapers forever.

Those are the main ones. If I think others, I’ll add them.. Tomorrow I’ll share the beginning of our potty training journey.